Peter Philip


Solo Exhibitions

Painting Prints & DrawingsEditions GalleryLiverpool2008
Paintings Drawings & EtchingsView Two GalleryLiverpool2001
Artist At WorkWalker Art Gallery NM & GMLiverpool1995
Paradise Gardens, Water ColoursOriel Gallery, Teatre ClywdMold, North Wales1982
Recent PaintingsBluecoat GalleryLiverpool1980
Recent PaintingsBlond Fine Art GalleryLiverpool1976

Group Exhibitions

West Lancashire OpenChapel GalleryOrmskirk2012
Wirral Society of Arts National OpenWilliamson Art GalleryBirkenhead2012
Wirral Society of Arts ExhibitionWilliamson Art GalleryBirkenhead2011
Wirral Spring Art ExhibitionWilliamson Art GalleryBirkenhead2011
Wirral Society of Arts National OpenWilliamson Art GalleryBirkenhead2010
Wirral Spring Art ExhibitionWilliamson Art GalleryBirkenhead2010
4th Wirral NationalWilliamson Art GalleryBirkenhead2008
Wirral Spring ExhibitionWilliamson Art GalleryBirkenhead2009
Wirral Spring ExhibitionWilliamson Art GalleryBirkenhead2008
4th Wirral Open Art ExhibitionWilliamson Art GalleryBirkenhead2008
Cityscape-sRoyal Institute of British ArchitectsWood St Liverpool2008
Sefton OpenAtkinson GallerySouthport2007
3rd Wirral National OpenWilliamson Art GalleryBirkenhead2007
Wirral SpringWilliamson Art GalleryBirkenhead2007
Major Merseyside ArtistsEmpire TheatreLiverpool2006
Sefton OpenAtkinson GallerySouthport2005
Sue Lee CelebrationLiverpool Academy GalleryLiverpool2004
Art in the SquareLiver BuildingsLiverpool2003
Major Merseyside ArtistsArtists ClubLiverpool2003
Art in the SquareLiver BuildingsLiverpool2002
Major Merseyside ArtistsArtists ClubLiverpool2002
Big Draw EventWalker Art GalleryLiverpool2000
Major Merseyside ArtistsConservation Centre NMGMLiverpool1999
Sefton OpenAtkinson GallerySouthport1996
Artist at WorkWalker Art GalleryN.M.G.M. Liverpool1995
Portrait of LiverpoolWalker Art GalleryN.M.G.M. Liverpool1992
10th Cleveland International Drawing BiennaleTouring ExhibitionCleveland (UK)1992
Merseyside ArtistsTouring ExhibitionMerseyside1983/84
Pilgrim Street OneLiverpool AcademyLiverpool1978
Liverpool Academy Celebrates the Walker’s 100th BirthdayWalker Art GalleryN.M.G.M. Liverpool1977
3rd Cleveland International Drawing BiennaleTouring ExhibitionCleveland (UK)1977
John Moores 10Walker Art GalleryN.M.G.M. Liverpool1976
The Face of MerseysideWalker Art GalleryN.M.G.M. Liverpool1975
The Welsh ConnectionOriel GalleryBangor, North Wales1975